A man is sent to prison on false charge.

I was falsey convicted of atenpted rape. I was walking one night. I walked near a young lady. She freaked out and screamed. The police arived. The next thing i knew i was arrested.  

I was convicted despite no evidence.  There was no crime.  The jury did not buy it. I am going to jail for 20 years. I was taken to the prison infirmary.  

I wore a gray t shirt jeens and sandles. I was told to take off my sandles. I was told to strip naked. I pulled off my shirt first. Then i took off my jeens then my underware.

While naked i was given an examination.  After i was given a few injections.  I had no idea what the injectons were for. 

“Your going to be given these injections every day.” the nurse said “what are these injections?” i asked.  I knew i should not have asked. I was going to find out eventualy any ways so why not ask. I really do regret asking. Oh well. I cant change it now i suppose.  

“These injections will cause your boobs to grow or your penis to shrink.  ” the nurse said.

Great i thought . i was given a bra and womens panty. I was given a prison isue t shirt and a prison isue skirt. I was taken to my cell.

My cell mate hugged me. He wore an orange prison issue shirt and skirt. He seemed kind. We cuddled on a coat. He was soft.

I started to cry. He held me. I began to suspect that i was also injected with female hormones like estrogin. It could just be an afect of the drugs we were given. 

Later on i went to pee. My penis had indeed shunk. It had not decreased alot. Enough for me to notice. My boobs were growing. They were itchy.  I asked to see my cell mate’s penis. His pee pee was realy small. He said it used to be huge. He said he missed it but he was at peace with it now. He had fully accrpted it. It was not a big deal any more. He assured me i would feel the same way in time. I was not sure if i believed it. I have no evidence to refute what he said so i did not try. He very well could be right even though i did not see it. 

We cuddled in bed that night.  We cuddled all night. The next day we were woken up by staff. We had to strip naked. 

We showered. My cell mate and i cleaned each other off. I enjoyed cleaning him especially cleaning his privates. I enjoyed cleaning his as well. Then we were alowed to leave. We cleaned each other off. 

I was given another injection.  My penis was futher reduced and my tits went up. I felt weird. I became more feminine. I had to pee more frequently. 

Every day my boobs got bigger and my thing got smaller. I hated this.  As time went on i got more used to it. I had no choice. 

I have a really smal thing. I have had to get bigger bra. I am not sure what i am at this point. Am i male or female or something in between.  I have no clue.  The end.